• Product Landscape Mapping

    Understanding to Solve

    In contrast to “building to solve”, “understanding to solve” takes a different perspective on product development and user experience by exploring the thinking and emotions behind a need

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  • Groceries ecommerce

    How to build groceries ecommerce

    Do you have a grocery store and are thinking of building an eCommerce solution? Web design companies and agencies will most likely sell you existing eCommerce solutions. In the short run, it would give you an online presence and a few customers, but you are likely to lose many of them post Covid19 lockdown. Let me explain why.

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Customers Testimonials

From the moment Bertus stepped in he added value to our company. He gave us excellent advice and analysis on how we could reduce complexity on our existing UI and make it more accessible to end-users. He is very passionate about his field, works hard, delivers high quality work and is a pleasure to work with! ~ Neil Sadie