User experience isn't a department, it is an ethos

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The argument is not between adding features and simplicity, between adding capability and usability. The real issue is about design: designing things that have the power required for the job while maintaining understandability, the feeling of control, and the pleasure of accomplishment.Donald A. Norman

Companies that ignored the user

Hudson Bay Co. (Canada) – $33.3 million loss
UK Inland Revenue – $3.45 billion overpayment
Avis Europe PLC [UK] – $54.5 million loss
Hewlett-Packard Co. – $160 million loss
Pre 2004

The list is endless…

Why do we get it wrong?

Adults forget how difficult that task was.Donald A. Norman

  • Developers focus on producing features, instead of focusing on “feature’s context of use”.
  • Companies create products from their perspective and not the user’s.
  • Screens don’t recognised the influence of cognitive load on the user.
  • Companies want to target everyone. Try to please everyone and you end up pleasing nobody.

What are the benefits of User-centered design?

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