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Bertus Kock

Product Researcher & Strategist

I have been practising in the fields of People and Product for the past 17+ years with the intent to discover value through cultivating an understanding mindset.

I believe the secret to customer success lies within the analogy of gaming. Just as your character levels-up to gain more abilities, people want to level-up in real life to unlock more opportunities.

It is core requirement for building a successful utility application which facilitates growth experiences and unlocks true value for their customers.

My skills


Head of Product Research

Remote, South Africa

Supporting Business, Product & Design in making informed decisions from the collecting, analysis and merging of quantitative and qualitative data.

  • User Journeys
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Heuristic Evaluation
  • Qualitative Research

  • Exploring the investment world
  • Identifying user problem statements
  • Explore JTBD

UX Consultant

Remote, South Africa

Supported the founders in UX design, users journeys and content management, during their engagement with the remote development team for their Social Betting app.

  • UX
  • Design Reviews
  • Founders support
  • User Journeys

  • Managing UX tasks for remote dev team
  • Create social betting experiences 
  • Facilitate various sport betting types

UX Manager

Cape Town, South Africa

Managed the monthly onsite and offsite usability testing sessions for a "money between friends" application and conducted heuristic evaluation, information architecture, user journeys and created the first draft for a dynamic persona.

  • UX
  • Usability Testing
  • Heuristic Evaluation
  • Competitive Analysis

  • Developed draft for dynamic persona
  • Discover the value of structure over function  
  • Confirmation on the true purpose of UI, which is communication


Education & Industry Experience

  • 2023Certificate of Problem Space Research

    Indi Young's Adv Training for Problem Space Research, which covers Listening Deeply, Emergent Data Synthesis 1 & 2, Thinking Styles of a Purpose, Framing your study and Using Opportunity Maps, Thinking Styles and Gap Analysis.
  • 2022Brokstock

    BROKSTOCK is an all-in-one investment solution, helping South Africans gain access to the local and global stock market.
  • 2020Introduction to Human-Centered Designr

    A hands-on course provided by Acumen Academy and which introduced human-centered research methods, concept generation, and rapid prototyping of a solution to a poverty-related design challenge.
  • 2018TATIS

    Designed & restructured Tatis's eTax solution for the UAE, in order to facilitate a smaller learning curve in order for Private Citizens, Tax Agents and Agencies to comply to the region's new VAT requirements.
  • 2017Konga

    What is wonderful at, is that you get to work on a variety of systems; this include eCommerce for web & mobile, marketplace seller web & applications, warehouse applications, conceptual recommendation engine and banking portal, to name a few.
  • 2014Kalahari

    Supporting the UX team in their quest to provide an improved online shopping user experience in the areas of search, shopping basket, shipping and product display, for the web and mobile channels.
  • 2013Adobe

    Were asked to provide an expert review for Adobe Africa's english portal.

Public Appearances

Indi Young's Community Share

Did a presentation for Indi Young's community where I presented the view that businesses will struggle with identifying value, while the agile process doesn't recognise that value is unlocked by structuring features in a specific order towards a specific human's purpose and isn't just a collection of parts that got a Pavlovian response.

2021 UX South Africa Conference

If Covid has taught us anything, it would be that life is precious and that our choices can’t just be a series of experiences. Our choices have to matter practically, emotionally and socially. Take the opportunity to explore your product’s value-add for users, before “agiling” into a solution.

Selective Writing